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Annual dues of just $295 entitle you to the exclusive benefites of membership.


`VIP Discount Cards valued at over $1200 in auction discounts.

`10 % off most forms and supplies purchased through ADR of Oklahoma.

`OIADA provides dealers with legislative/regulartory measures that support the industry
`OIADA provides a personal contact for assistance on business matters.
`Provides contacts of companies for services and products needed to run their businesses.

`Knowing the OIADA Staff is only a phone call away when you have specific regulatory or comliance questions.

`It's knowing the OIADA is a watchdog of proposed legislative/regulatory measures detrimental to the dealers and lobby to minimize or eliminate such proposals.  We've Got Your Back !


Seven Reasons to Join Your State Independent Automobile Dealers Association

Become a member Today !

You may also pay by check.  Please send application and check to
OIADA / Attention Amber
813 NW 34th St.  Moore, OK 73160

Thanks for submitting! Your applicaiton will be reviewed. Please call Amber Snook if you have any questions.

Unless you can answer “YES” to ALL of the questions below, you cannot afford NOT to Join the OIADA today !

  1. Can you qualify for and afford a $500,000 Dealer Bond? There has been proposed legislation in the past to do so.

  2. Can you afford to offer a warranty (NOT Service Contract) on EVERY unit you sell?  There was proposed legislation to do away with ALL “As Is” sales.

  3. Do you want to be obligated to provide EVERY buyer with 7 to 14 days to change their mind and return your vehicle, NO STRINGS ATTACHED?  Again, there was proposed legislation to do so.

  4. Do you want the Federal government to subsidize NEW Vehicle sales by providing a guaranteed trade in value on ALL units 2001 and older AND to require these vehicles to be crushed once they have been traded in?  Ask about the “Cash for Clunkers” bill that was circulated.

  5. Based upon ONLY the 4 items above, can you afford NOT to spend $295 yearly dues for being a OIADA member?

  6. IF you were given incentives every year that exceeded your yearly dues, WHY WOULDN’T YOU JOIN TODAY?


Whether you realize it or not, your livelihood has been greatly affected by the actions of your state independent dealer associations. Today’s legislative climate is far scarier that ever before. The above legislation could put up to 80% of All used Motor Vehicle Dealers out of business. It’s your choice. Please submit your application above.


Our mission is your success. We need your support.

Printable OIADA Application

Oklahoma IADA Legislative and Dealer Support Activities


Member dues support a legislative liaison who monitors all pieces of state legislation potentially impacting the industry.  In 2016 alone, over 4,000 pieces of legislation were submitted.  In any given year, the OIADA liaison and staff actively monitor approximately 30 pieces of legislation.  Member dues also support staff representation before the Used Motor Vehicle & Parts Commission.  Specific actions by OIADA in recent years include:

•Opposed legislation merging the UMV&PC with the MVPC and placing dealers under the oversight of a board with five lay persons and only one industry representative.

•Orchestrated activity to stop the UMV&PC from requiring used dealers to disclose vehicle recall status.

•Against significant opposition from the wrecker industry, sponsored  and succeeded in passing extensive Title 42 reform.

•Worked with sponsors of criminal staling legislation to exempt dealers' legitimate use of GPS devices from the proposed definition of "following" as it related to stalking.  the bill was ultimately defeated.

•Stopped legislation requiring used dealer to provide extensive disclosure of previous vehicle frame and /or body damage and subjected them to severe penalties (including being deemed guilty of fraud and requiring refund of all monies) for failure to do so.

•Stopped efforts that would have caused dealers to pay approximately $10 for temporary tags.

•Defeated an effort to require dealers to license every vehicle on their lots.

•Stopped legislation requiring dealers to provide an annual report of sales to the OTC.

Dealer Support

In addition to legislative activity and representation before the UMV&PC, members have access to the following benefits:

•VIP Discount Cards with a value of approximately $1200. redeemable at popular auctions and various vendors.

•Discount on an extensive line of UMV&PC - approved dealer forms and supplies.

•Knowledgeable staff available to answer compliance questions.

•Quarterly Newsletter filled with articles regarding current compliance issues.

•Member dealers receive a comprehensive "Dealer Handbook" & Plaque.

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