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Education Classes in person and online  via correspondence coming soon for SB2035
Mason Treat Act - Change in Temp Tag Process for Oklahoma. Please join OIADA by filling out application in "Membership" for future education with this change and process and updates. This law goes into effect Sept 1, 2024.

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Governor Stitt signed Senate Bill 2035 , The Mason Treat Act on April 30, 2024 with the goal to improve road safety for drivers and law enforcement by changing the temporary tag process for Oklahomans. This does change the process of automobile sales for all dealers. There are several entities working with OIADA in this process including the Oklahoma New Motor Vehicle Commission, the Oklahoma Automobile Dealers Association, The Used Motor Vehicle, Dismantler & Manufactured Housing Commission, and Service Oklahoma.

We are working together to prepare comprehensive education and information to share with our members very soon. Service Oklahoma is also preparing a public service announcement to educate the public on these changes.

If you are not a member of the OIADA, please join promptly by visiting our website and submitting an application at or call our office for an application at 405-232-2947 so we can keep you apprised on any new developments, education, and resources for the changes and vendors for the modified temporary tag and upload of the log information.

OIADA will communicate regularly with our members throughout the next days leading up to September 1st on this change and process. Please have a current email address on file with OIADA. The following emails will not be sent out in mass as demonstrated with this email.

There are specific details of the implementation still being determined. 

Here is a brief description of the changes and how your dealership will be impacted:

•Customers who purchase an automobile from a dealer and the customer’s trade-in vehicle have an existing metal license plate at the time of purchase, that metal license plate will be placed on their automobile purchased before leaving the dealership. They will not be issued a paper temporary tag.

•Customers who purchase an automobile from a dealer that DOES NOT have a metal license plate at the time of purchase, will receive a temporary tag from the dealer that is valid for TEN DAYS.  The customer will still have 2 months to register their vehicle.

•After the sales transaction is completed, the dealer will have two business days to upload the new owner information and the temporary tag number or the existing metal tag number to Service Oklahoma.  This will enable the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to track the owner of the vehicle.

•The two commissions are in the process of preparing the scope of the work/requirements for the temporary tag vendors.  Service Oklahoma is creating an API for the data submission. We will share the additional information and education with members once it is available.

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Click on the Dealer Education Portal and follow instructions.  This course is follow at your own pace.  You have 30 days to complete once purchased.  FTC's new Safeguards Rule each dealership must have one "qualified individual".

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