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The Oklahoma Legislature is in session and OIADA is monitoring several bills on behalf of the OIADA Members.  Following is list of some of the bills we are currently watching.     We urge you to contact your representative. 

Legislative Bill Search:

>Click on Legislation

>Insert Bill #

>Click on Search

>Click on History to see bill status

>Click on Versions-click on last item under versions to read the bill.


2023 Legislation


SB151 Creates motor vehicle inspection program.

SB282 Allows retired Oklahoma state employee to return to work for the state in 6 months rather that the current 1 year.

SB323 Requires Service Oklahoma to notify owners of open recalls on vehicle.  Prevents registration until car is repaired.

SB427 Additional grounds for transfer of title authorized by the court for towing service.

SB445 Allows law enforcement to stop “unsafe vehicle: and issue notice of repair and fine.

SB524 On lien foreclosure additional notice of sale must be posted on web site designated by the DPS.

SB541 Gap protection charges.

SB566 Allows lien claimant to charge up to $50.00 rather that $20.00 for processing.

SB576 Allows foreign export title to be issued without excise tax.

SB593 Motor vehicle can’t deny payment to dealer for charge back because buyers did not register the vehicle.

SB622 Makes Service Oklahoma a separate agency.

SB624 Changes odometer requirement from 10 to 20 years-verbiage is not adequate.

SB643 Changes name of Motor Vehicle commission to the New Motor Vehicle Commission and lets the sell RV’s on Sunday.

SB690 Same as 427

SB729 Allows dealers to deliver a vehicle off site or sell to the customer at their home or place of business.  ***if the dealer sells off site to an individual at their home, does the 3 day right of rescission apply?

SB753 Copart Bill- allows e-signature for transfer of title when paying off a total loss.

SB793 Removes 3% increase limit- Dept of Consumer Credit

SB794 Unsupervised loans- add federal rate to max loan.

SB836 Service Oklahoma will deliver a paper title or e-title when there is no lien.

SB841 Wrecker rates would apply to repair facilities.

SB888 On consumer loans, allow debtor to pay in cash.

SB983 Restores the 1 ¼ sales tax exemption.

SB984 If the sale of a motor vehicle includes a trade-in, gross receipts shall be calculated based only on the difference between the value of the trade-in vehicle and the actual sales price of the vehicle being purchased.

SB1064 Eliminates out of state vin inspections for vehicles sold at salvage pools and would allow vin inspection be done by the pool employee.




HB1073 Shell Bill- Probably the bill for the Commission’s junk title.

HB1389 Excise tax is to be determined after the trade in – provides for a study of the impact of the motor vehicle excise tax change over the 3 years before 11/1/25

HB1390 Makes temporary tags valid for 60 days rather than 30.

HB1802 When there is no security interest, lien, or other encumbrance on the vehicle, delivery of a certificate of title on a paper document or in an electronic format shall be made to the record owner.

HB1838  Odometer Bill – same as Dobrinski’s

HB1839 Makes Service Oklahoma a separate agency.

HB1927 Deals with T-42 requires that before a resubmission Notice of Sale is to be mailed, the personal property must have been possessed by the possessory lien claimant for at least 21 days.

HB2011 Allows for biennial registration of motor vehicles.

HB2099 Provides for rebate up to $1,000.00 on electric bicycles.

HB2133 Defines autocycle, changes the definition of moped, modifies the definition of motorcycle.

HB2230 Deals with scrap metal dealers- provides delay of payment for catalytic converters for a minimum of 15 days.  Requires that payment be made in the form of a check or money order and a coy of the identification of the seller shall be retained by the licenses scrap metal dealer for a period of two years.

HB2243 Odometer Bill that complies with federal language.

HB2338  Same as Senate Bill for foreign export excise tax exemption

HB2602 Provides that a flat bed addition to a truck is exempt from excise tax.

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