Legislature is in session !


  OIADA would like to ask you to contact your representatives concerning multiple bills concerning the motor vehicle industry  that could affect you and your business. 

Go to http://www.oklegislature.gov and enter your address to find your legislators.


SENATE BILL NO 1318  by: Jeck  -   Section1137.3  The purchaser of every new and used motor vehicle, travel trailer or commercial trailer shall register or license the same within sixty (60) days from the date of purchase for purchases made on or after the effective date of this act.

 (this bill will scratch the 30 days  temporary tag and extend it to give your customer 60 days from the purchase date)

Read the full bill at http://www.oklegislature.gov 


SENATE BILL  1486  by: Jeck – For the sale of motor vehicles or any optional equipment or accessories attached to motor vehicles on which the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Excise Tax levied in Section 2101 et seq. of this title has been, or will be paid, all but a portion of the levy provided under the Section 1354 of the this title, equal to one and twenty-five-hundredths percent (1.25%) of the gross receipts of such sales.  For the purposes of this paragraph, if the sale of a motor vehicle includes a trade-in, gross receipts shall be calculated based only on the difference between the value of the trade-in vehicle and the actual sales price of the vehicle being purchased.

Effective November 1st 2022

Read the full bill at http://www.oklegislature.gov


We would like to inform you of SENATE BILL 1487 (introduced) Prepared 02/05/2022

As Introduced:

An Act relating to sales tax code; amending 68 O.S. 2021, Sections 1355 and 1361, which relate to exemptions and consumer to pay tax; requiring sales tax to be paid in one or two installments; requiring installment to be paid in certain period and manner; and providing an effective date.


The portion of the tax levy provided under Section 1354 of this title for the sale of motor vehicles or any optional equipment or accessories attached to motor vehicles may be paid in one (1) installment by the consumer in the same manner and time as the motor vehicle excise tax for the motor vehicle is due and shall include a quarter, half, or the full amount of tax levied, but shall be paid in no more than two (2) installments.  If paid in two (2) installments the consumer shall pay the remaining amount of tax levied during the first period for registration renewal pursuant to the Oklahoma Vehicle License and Registration Act, Section 1101 et seq. of Title 47 of the Oklahoma Satutes;

Allows consumers to pay motor vehicle excise taxes in one or two payments, if paid in two installments, the second payment must be paid within the first registration renewal period. One year.


If you want to review other 2021 legislation go to the Oklahoma Legislative Service Bureau website at http://www.oklegislature.gov

The Oklahoma Legislature is in session and OIADA is monitoring several bills on behalf of the OIADA Members.  Following is list of some of the bills we are currently watching.  Particularly the catalytic converter bills  HB3005, HB4373, and HB4375.  We urge you to contact your representative. 

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Senate Bill 1243 – Exempts vehicles which require a transfer to a salvage or junked title resulting from an insurance claim from a tribal of out of state title from certain inspection requirements and allows electronic signatures for certain documents.

Senate Bill 1276 – Deals with make some electronic titles valid.

Senate Bill 1318 – Changes the temporary tag from 30 days to 60 days.  Title is stricken on the bill.

Senate Bill 1474 – Prohibits the transfer of a motor vehicle title that is subject to financial lien unless the transferee’s name or trust is included on the loan for which the lien is placed or from a deceased person without a death certificate.

Senate Bill 1485 – Rental vehicle are to exempt from out of state vin inspections.

Senate Bill 1487 – Allows sales tax to be paid in two installments. Bill is double assigned.

Senate Bill 1605 – Creates Service Oklahoma, a division of the Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES)-part of the consolidations under OMES includes Driver License Services Division of the DPS and the Motor Services Division of the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

Senate Bill 1722 – Relates to value of vehicles: providing exception to requirement that value of vehicle be within certain percent of average retail price.  The bill is double assigned.

Senate Bill 1772 – Removes the one and a quarter percent sales tax on the sale of motor vehicles, The bill is double assigned.

Senate Bill 1743 – Relates to financial protection products- Includes gap insurance

Senate Bill 1765 – Requires Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Commission to provide owners of a motor vehicle written notice of all open recalls. (This is probably an Oklahoma Tax Commission function)

Senate Bill 1851 – Eliminates the one and quarter percent sales tax on the sale of motor vehicles.

House Bill 2986 – Adjusts motor vehicle excise tax calculations to reflect the vehicles price and any discounts or credits and directs the Oklahoma Tax Commission to report the financial impact of vehicle excise taxes over three years to the Governor and Legislature.

House Bill 3005 – Upon conviction, the person who stole catalytic converter shall receive a felony conviction.

House Bill 3096 – Requires scrap metal dealer to verify vehicle to be crushed is not stolen.

House Bill 3131 – Repeals various laws pertaining to excise tax.

House Bill 3271 – Adds 3 full time equivalent employees to the Used Motor Vehicle and Parts Commission.

House Bill 3419 – Bill to transfer certain powers, duties, responsibilities, and employees to the newly formed Service Oklahoma.

House Bill 3674 – Makes it unlawful for any person to lend or to sell to, or knowingly permit the use of by, one not entitled thereto any certificate of title, license plate or decal issued to or in the custody of the person so lending or permitting the use.

House Bill 3850 – Creates foreign export title – exempts those vehicles form excise tax.

House Bill 3964 – Relates to removed, falsified, or unauthorized identification : penalizing certain removal or falsification of trailer identification numbers.

House Bill 3965 – Creates the Oklahoma Commercial Auction and Consignment Dealers Act under the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food, and Forestry.

House Bill 3994 – Franchised new motor vehicle dealer bill.

House Bill 4373 – Prohibits the theft of catalytic converters and establishes the penalty for such crime.

House Bill 4375 – Prohibits the use of tools by an individual previously convicted of larceny of a catalytic converter with the intent to employ, or allow the same to be used or employed, in the commission of a crime.