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License Plates Generally 

  • The license plate shall be firmly affixed to the rear of the vehicle. ( This includes the dealer temporary license plate, but does not pertain to truck-tractor plates.)

  • The license plate, decal and all the letters and numbers shall be clearly visible at all times.  (Be careful of your choice of license plate frames because many of them cover a part of the information on the metal plate, which could result in you or your customer being cited for improper license plate display!)

  • The license plate may not be covered, overlaid or otherwise screened with any material, whether such material be clear, translucent, tinted or opaque. (Such materials prevent the tag contents from being clearly visible to law enforcement and others needing to read the contents.)

  • Except for vehicles that display a current Oklahoma license tag, a licensed dealer shall affix a used dealers's plate to vehicles that are being demonstrated, transported or used in any other normal business of a dealer.

  • Temporary tags are not to be used for demonstration.

  • Vehicles that are parked on a dealers's lot are not required to display a tag.

30 Day Temporay License Plates

  • The 30 day temporary license plates are designed for and required to be placed in the location of the permament license plate on the rear of each vehicle that is sold by a licensed Oklahoma dealer.

  • Even though the vehicle may have a current Oklahoma metal plate, the law requires that a temporary plate be placed on the rear of the vehicle.

  • It is not now nor has it ever been legal to use a temporary license plate for anything other that placing on a vehicle that has been sold to a consumer.

  • A dealer is required to advise the consumer that he/she has 30 days in which to register the vehicle in the purchaser's name.

  • The license plates must contain the name of the dealership and should be developed in manner that will permit law enforecement personnel to readily identify the dealer license number and the date of the vehicle purchase.

  • Each license plate has a uniquie sequential number that must be recorded by the dealer on the front of the Bill of Sale and on the Tag Log.  Tempory Tags are constructed of plastic empregnated weather proof paper. 

  • The dealer is accountable for the disposition of each temporary license plate. 

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